The best enchroma glasses review

Enchroma are the leading company behind color blind sunglasses, and rightly so. Their technology has triumphed over other attempts at making sunglasses for the color blind, such as Oxy-Iso. Where standard attempts have tinted lenses in order to bias colors towards a certain hue, this type has enhanced all at once without needing to distort the overall balance of colors. Our enchroma glasses reviews are written below.

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People rightly seek reviews and wonder, do enchroma glasses work? As long as the person has red-green blindness and not full spectrum blindness, they should work well. The lenses should work right away, but the wearer should allow a week or longer of consistent use depending on the severity of their visual impairment. This in order for the brain to get used to them and provide maximum visual effect. They can sometimes even work well for those with normal vision to enhance the colors usually seen.

If they don’t work for you for any reason, there’s a great 60 day money back policy on enchroma products. Here our enchroma glasses reviews will provide an overview on which ones we think are worth getting your hands on for a dramatic change in vision.

Our top pick as the best color enhancing glasses


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This type works for both deutans and protans. The lens width of this pair is 55mm, making the design not too small or too big but a comfortable size. The lightweight frame is made out of acetate and sits easy on the face, while being strong and hypo-allergenic. With durable 5 barrel hinges, they are strong and easy to repair if anything goes wrong.

These are 100% UVA and UVB blocking for safe use in the sun. The lenses are Cx-14 type, meaning they’re best fitted for outdoor use.¬† They work well even in very bright sunlight or bright artificial light and should work well indoors during the day or a well lit room at night.

The customer reviews are extremely positive for this type, outlining great results from use. They’re also the cheapest enchroma glasses around.

The best color blind glasses for kids


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This pair is aimed at children who have trouble seeing red-green colors. They’re hyper-hydrophobic and oleophobic, meaning they repel liquids and oils like water and sweat, along with dust and fingerprints too in order to keep the lens as fresh and clean as possible. Very useful considering children using them!

UV radiation is blocked so you can be assured that the child’s eyes will be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Also the Cx-14 type, they are perfect for outdoor use and should work inside too with good lighting. With a 60 day refund¬†guarantee, these are well worth grabbing.

The most stylish colorblind sunglasses for sale


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With premium coating that gives great anti-reflection, these glasses are for those with a slightly bigger budget who want a bit more style out of what they’re wearing. These reduce haze, glare and internal reflections too to minimise unnecessary annoyances.

The strong stainless steel frame, a clubmaster style and big 51mm lenses, all also make this a great buy for the more fashionable wearer. The 60 day amazon guarantee is a nice incentive to give them a try.

The best color blindness glasses for indoor use, television and gaming


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These lenses are 62mm, slightly bigger than the sunglasses offered by enchroma. They are still an acceptable size however, and the slight increase in size allows for a slightly wider field of vision.

This pair is type Cx-65, meaning they are perfect for use indoors to bring out colors on computer screens, television screens and inside homes. This makes them great for watching movies, gaming, or simply lounging around. With scratch resistant coating and a 60 day refund policy, they’re well worth a try. See the following link if you want to see more information on how these glasses for the colorblind work, or the link above for more on the product itself.